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Wrestling has been the oldest sport in history and it is still around today for a reason. Wrestling teaches values that last a lifetime. Wrestling sets for a rewarding career in athletics and success in life. There are many benefits in this sport that can be used on and off of the mat. Wrestling teaches very important key aspects to life like discipline which can produce better athletes. You learn to be a good listener when participating in this sport. You also learn how to overcome failure when you wrestle and at some point in time failure is inevitable. You learn not to give up and continue to keep working at it until you achieve success. When you wrestle you have to learn how to be patient wether it is losing weight or waiting to make the right move on the mat. It also teaches you to become an overall better athlete, many coaches from other sports recommend wrestling because athletes have so much to benefit from it. The pride one takes in wrestling is unlike any sport ! Anything you learn from wrestling can be used to be a better student , a better athlete, and a better person. All these skills our children learn from it will help them grow into amazing adults and they will be ready to take on any obstacle and overcome it. This is why it is so important to donate. Any donation made will be given back to the wrestling community.

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